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Guest blogger - Sasha Gorevych

Picture 1 : Sing Along

The Christmas sing along was really fun to just have fun and be together. It was a great  time to sing and have joy with everyone around you! :))

Pictures 2-5 :Class Advent Cards

This was my favourite one out of all of them. This was a time for us to rapturously express our feelings in our cards. Our parents will be enthusiastic about these cards it will flip their world upside down ! ( In the good way)... I hope they get to keep the memory warm in their hearts.  

Pictures 6-8:  Heart Attacks

While we were at the playground we started to bombard the school grounds with snow hearts. It was quite fun taking pictures of all those hearts. It really was a great idea, all thanks to Mrs.Skene! :) 

Pictures 9-10: Snowball Advent Fight

The Advent Snowball Fight was a great experience of learning about what Advent is and what Advent is not. By the way, we used paper not actual snowballs. If you are another teacher reading this, it is a great way to engage your students and increase learning.We wrote down one fact about Advent and then we would crumple and throw the paper across the room. We would have to find a new snowball, and write down a  fact. No repeated facts allowed. It was fun!

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