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Guest Bloggers - Lidiia Oliinyk & Sofiia Eismont

What is the rededication? Lidiia Oliinyk

The rededication ceremony is a celebration where we celebrate the renovation. A lot of special people came like Mayor Tara Veer, MLA Minister of Infrastructure  Prasad Panda, MLA Red Deer South Jason Stephan, Superintendent Dr. Mason. It took 18 months to do the renovation. During the renovation we had to sacrifice a lot of things like outdoor courts, the gym, our classroom in the shop. We also had to move classes, (it was hard work.) By the end, we saw a lot of developments. Everyone could  tell that a lot of hard work went into the renovations. We are really lucky to have our school to be renovated. 


Highlights of our renovation? Sofiia Eismont 

The new areas are big and comfy. The sensory room is a very nice idea. It took about 18 months to complete the renovations, but it was definitely worth it. Before we got our new classroom we were in the shop. Now we have a big space to learn without distractions like the wind on the roof. We also did not have the office in the right place and now it is big and new. The sensory room is my favourite part of the renovations, because you can calm down and enjoy the beautiful galaxy colors . Our new classroom has white walls and blue bricks beside the door. I think that our school improved and worked hard to make the school an easier place  to learn. The students made a lot of sacrifices and so did the staff. We are very proud to learn in this school.

Guest Bloggers - Lidiia Oliinyk & Sofiia Eismont

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