School Council

School council is composed of several members who represent our school including: parents, governors, teachers, non-teaching staff, community partners.

In December of 2019, St. Patrick's School Council was dissolved as the executive were no longer able to fulfill their positions.  As a result, for the remainder of 2019-2020, the school will: 

  • organize events/activities previously coordinated by School Council
  • continue to oversee School Council funds
  • send updates about funds and activities to our families
  • ask for parental support and assistance in running events/activities 

We thank our parent community for the ongoing support.  We will be asking parents to be part of our School Council Executive for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year.  At that time, we will be seeking volunteers to fill the following positions: 


Vice Chair: 

Recording Assistant:


All parents are welcome and encouraged to join us next year.

School Council Minutes:

School Council Minutes - November 4, 2019

School Council Minutes - September 30, 2019


Any questions can be submitted to School Council email: